A PR visa, or Permanent Resident Visa, is a legal document issued by the government that allows one to travel to a nation, stay for some time, and then one can seek citizenship. In some countries, obtaining a PR visa eventually leads to citizenship.
It enables one to live, work, and study in any region of the country, as well as create a business and make one eligible for social security, healthcare, and financial benefits. One will have access to better-paying jobs, tax breaks, and compensation in the event of an illness.
PR provides a sense of security to the applicant, along with certain perks and benefits they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. In other words, we can say that a PR VISA holder can have most of the benefits as those of a citizen except for the right to vote, take a political position, or hold critical government positions.
With a PR visa, one can take their family, including their parents, to the nation. A PR visa entitles their children to free schooling as well.
Immigration rules keep changing & new options are available frequently.

Permanent Residence Visa types and eligibility


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Visa types and eligibility

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