Prashant Shah

  • Managing Director
  • Experience:16 Years
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  • Phone::+91 9724766345

Elevate Dreams with Pacific Consultant's Expertise

With a deep passion for placing his acquaintances in the right jobs, Prashant Shah, the Founder established Pacific Consultant. Initially, he started with Domestic Recruitment Services in Vadodara in 2008.
After six months of pursuing to persevere for his Clients, Mr.Prashant facilitated the first international recruitment. Since then he has enabled 450+ clients with Pacific Consultant’s international recruitment opportunities across UAE and Africa. He started gaining expertise in giving personalised guidance for visa counselling and international recruitment services.
In 2019, Pacific Consultant started catering for international recruitment and work permits in UK, Canada, New Zealand and the United States Of America.
Driven by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of our clients, Prashant Shah has built a team of skilled consultants who share the same commitment to providing our Clients with a smooth and successful visa application process.

"Your Visa Journey, Our Expertise"

As an Immigration Visa Specialist, my career has been built upon a solid foundation of expertise and proficiency in guiding individuals through the intricate landscape of immigration.


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