A visitor VISA is a legal permission from the country’s government permitting you to stay in that country for a certain period as a non-immigrant. This kind of VISA is generally issued for temporary visits, the reason being either attending a short-term business activity, visit to family/friends, or tourism. This VISA also allows one to visit overseas for Medical treatments.
Generally, activities permitted on a visit visa include –
Depending on the reason for a visit to a particular country, different kinds of visitor visas are available. The eligibility criteria and application process may vary according to the country of application. Visitor VISAs can be classified based on the reason for travel – tourism, visiting family/friends, business, or transit. Additionally, the different types of visas available can be as per the number of entries allowed. A visit visa can be – a single entry, double entry, or multiple entries.

Visitor Visa types and eligibility


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Visa types and eligibility

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